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Bachelors Only

As a chick I'm here to share with you guys how the “Hey I’m single and available, you interested?”, “market”, really works. The way your place looks DOES matter. A woman walks into your place and it looks stylish and together, “stock” goes up. A woman walks into your place and it looks like a frat house, (hey, I was once in college too!), “stock” goes down. Whether we like it or not, first impressions DO matter.

Why present anything less than your best foot forward, especially when it's so easy to get help? It can be as simple as a consultation or redesign, sometimes for less than $150. You've spent that on a night out or even detailing your car. Those “returns” are temporary at best. But a small “investment” in your personal space could end up being a great “long-term investment” with great “dividends”!

I'm just sayin', I DID design this room! Smile  

Q. – How difficult is it to start?
A. – Not.


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