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NinaNina James
Chief Chick-in-Charge

Well, skipping over the boring stuff...as life sometimes happens, I ended up graduating college with a degree in Business Administration focused in finance. I'd been in retail sales for years, but my first post-college real job was in the corporate office of a bulk candy franchise where part of my job was to teach others how to put together gift baskets and retail display. Come to think of it, so many of my best experiences up to that point revolved around "presentation"....retail displays, set design for theater, etc. At any rate, after leaving there, I spent the next 15 years as a top-selling media sales executive and eventually into sales management. Along the way and because I had a knack, I began to educate myself in the discipline of interior design, decorating and staging. I would work on spaces of friends and family as my hobby and loved every minute of it! At one point, I was able to complete instruction and become certified in Redesign and Home Staging through the National Redesign Institute.

What I've come to learn about interior design and decorating is that it is another form of art expression, although, yes, there are rules and regs that guide creative decisions for a space. I can't draw, sing, or beat my sister at ANY video game, but I do know what makes a room make sense and how to create a sense of balance, function, comfort and beauty. Apply that with my practical experience in tiling, laying floors, painting, etc. and you've got yourself one heck of a hard working, self-taught, can-do former media executive turned designer. Who knew?!

Daniele JefferiesDaniele Jefferies
Design Goddess

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for design. I remember being a little girl, re-arranging my Mother's furniture and accessories throughout the house. I would go over to my friend's houses to "play", and I would end up rearranging their rooms as well! So when it came time for me to attend college, I knew exactly the field I would go into...Interior Design of course!! I attended TCC and since graduating I have worked in many different aspects of the design field, including Model Home Merchandising, Residential & Commercial Design, Kitchen & Bath Design, Home Organization and Home Staging/Re-Design. I also recently completed and received CAD certification. With all of this experience behind me, I feel confident that I can meet the needs of any client. I have a true love for the natural environment around us, and in my daily life I try to do all that I can do to contribute to the preservation of the earth. I enjoy incorporating sustainability into design, using natural fibers, FSC certified materials that have little to no off-gassing, no or low VOC paints and working with local companies to minimize our carbon footprint. I have been happily married for 3 years and I am a mother to a beautiful 16 month old girl. I love to run and recently completed my first half-marathon in 2011. 

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